Fusion (FSN) joins BEPSwap app as launch partner

BEPSwap is scheduled for public beta in 4–6 weeks

fusion fsn bepswap

Fusion, an ecosystem that enables services across blockchain networks, announced it is joining the BEPSwap platform to provide liquidity to FSN token holders. BEPSwap from Thorchain is a new way to swap and stake BEP2 assets.

BEPSwap will allow any BNB or BEP2 holder to instantly swap BEP2 tokens at market prices from their wallet. This is achieved by sending tokens into pools containing liquidity, which performs the swap instantly based on the ratio of assets in the pool. This means anyone can maintain the liquidity of the pool and be incentivized to ensure it matches the fair market price.

Fusion on BEPSwap

The Fusion protocol is powered by the native FSN token which requires deep liquidity in order to be useable across the network. For this reason, Fusion recently listed on the Binance DEX which allows decentralized trade across blockchains.

By joining BEPSwap, Fusion will be able to experiment and test decentralized liquidity concepts, as well as secure a trustless on-chain price feed for the FSN token,

Joining BEPSwap will provide liquidity for FSN-BEP2 token holders

Fusion will also closely collaborate with the THORChain team on bridging technology issues.

Further features include:

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