ArcBlock partners with Azure to bring blockchain development platform to China

ArcBlock supports blockchain solutions in diverse industries like gaming, insurance, financial, technology, healthcare, government and more supporting use cases like identity management, indexed and managed data, permissioned networks, license issuance and management, proof of existence and more.

ArcBlock, a development platform for DApps and blockchain services, announced that it has officially partnered with Microsoft Azure operated by 21Vienet in China to bring its blockchain development framework and ABT Blockchain Node software into the Azure China Marketplace.

Forge Framework

By partnering with Azure, ArcBlock is expanding the availability of its development framework that utilizes a microservices architecture that enables it to run on any cloud and supports a wide range of use cases including production-ready applications.

The development platform also recently announced the availability of the ArcBlock platform on Amazon Web Services Partner Network and joined the Microsoft for Startups program giving developers increased access to the ArcBlock blockchain developer framework and blockchain consulting services.

ABT Node Console to manage your cloud node including real-time status, storage and network performance, and debugging tools.

Complete Blockchain Platform

ArcBlock believes that to be successful, blockchain developers need a platform with the tools to build and deploy decentralized applications including the ability to develop applications in a unified way regardless of the blockchain technology.

The ArcBlock team is focused on removing many of today’s barriers that are preventing mass adoption of blockchain applications. ArcBlock aims to deliver a premium user experience that gives every developer a unified, high-performance framework letting developers use their language of choice with flexible SDKs, desktop and mobile experiences, a comprehensive set of pre-built blockchain tools and an easy to use browser-based experience that lets developers do what they do best.

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