#MetaHash releases crypto wallet for iOS

#MetaWallet is the original wallet for #MetaHashCoin which is fully integrated into #MetaHash decentralized network


#MetaHash, a blockchain-based digital asset exchange network, and decentralized real-time application platform, today announced #MetaWallet is now launched for iOS devices.

The launch version features new functionality such as support of Bitcoin, Ethereum, #MHC cryptocurrencies, forging interface, and other minor updates.

Soon, the newly added functionality will become available for the Android version of the wallet, which is still in beta for the moment.


A multi-currency wallet which is both an original application for #MetaHashCoin and one of the most secure and fast wallets for most popular cryptocurrencies. Developed as an original part of #MetaHash network’s ecosystem the #MetaWallet provides operations in forging or transactions within the network, and at the same time serves as an all-in-one application for crypto enthusiasts providing a full range of operations with cryptocurrencies.

#MetaWallet Features:

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