Crypto exchange COSS launches new IEO platform

The COSS ‘Liftoff’ offering is focused on adding value to users and the projects it showcases.

Singapore based cryptocurrency exchange, this week is launching its new IEO platform ‘Liftoff’ on August 21st, and is ready to host its first IEO of SWAPS.NETWORK.

SWAPS.NETWORK is an OTC global liquidity pool. It accumulates all deals on the market and connects sellers and buyers from around the world. SWAPS.NETWORK provides fully decentralized OTC solutions. Users can make OTC deals without a 3rd party or escrow.

COSS aims to provide a multifaceted IEO platform as a benefit to blockchain projects, and includes:

  1. Whitepaper and website readiness support is provided to blockchain projects as an option, minimizing their efforts to look out for third-party service providers.
  2. One of the most crucial elements of a successful IEO, namely, its marketing strategy is taken care of by the COSS marketing team comprising of a strong team.
  3. The brand value of the projects during and after the conclusion of the project is highlighted.
  4. Projects have a technical team available to support and resolve any issues that may arise during the integration of tokens.
  5. COSS also provides a tech dashboard and other platform support, which minimizes the hassle of tracking the progress of their IEO.
  6. Unique to COSS ‘Liftoff’, blockchain projects will have access to a wider audience on the COSS Wallet mobile app, allowing users to take part in an IEO, right from their private wallets.
Users will be able to see all the IEOs that joined the COSS platform.

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