Tezos Foundation provides grant to camlCase for decentralized exchange protocol

Texos Camlcase Dex

The Tezos Foundation announced today that Tezos blockchain supporter camlCase, has been awarded a grant to support its development of a decentralized exchange protocol on the Tezos blockchain.

The protocol being developed by camlCase was inspired by Uniswap, a decentralized exchange protocol that enables automated asset exchange.

With this grant, the camlCase team will complete the development of its decentralized exchange protocol and produce documentation and other educational content concerning it. The protocol will support a fungible asset standard proposed by Serokell, Nomadic Labs, and TQ Tezos.

The Tezos Foundation’s core mission is to support the long-term success of the Tezos protocol and ecosystem. By funding projects created by scientists, researchers, developers, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts, the Foundation encourages decentralized development and robust participation.

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