Prime Trust the first US custodian to secure crypto assets with Fireblocks

Prime Trust partners with cybersecurity industry veterans to strengthen security for cryptocurrencies and digital assets held in custody offering

Prime Trust Fireblocks

Prime Trust, a qualified custodian for digital assets, providing token and fiat custody, funds processing, AML & KYC compliance, has announced it has become the first US qualified custodian to secure crypto assets with Fireblocks, an enterprise-grade platform for financial institutions that need to streamline digital asset trading.

Fireblocks’ technology provides a “secure highway” for crypto that eliminates the theft of private keys or compromise of credential/API keys and deposit addresses. The firm uses multiparty computation (MPC) and patent-pending chip isolation technology (SGX) to secure digital asset transactions from potential hacks and human error. As the first qualified custodian to implement Fireblocks, Prime Trust continues to lead the industry in security and compliance standards for crypto custody and exchange technology.

“Prime Trust has always set out to build the best-in-class, gold standard in everything that we do from our compliance to our security and our technology. Partnering with Fireblocks to leverage their secure crypto transfer infrastructure represents the next iteration of Prime Trust paving the way for the digital asset custody industry. We’re proud to be the first qualified custodian to adopt this cutting-edge technology and provide our entire ecosystem with next-generation security. We look forward to building a deeper relationship with the whole Fireblocks team and building future partnerships.”
– Kevin Lehtiniitty, Chief Product Officer of Prime Trust

“Prime Trust is one of the most recognized names in digital asset custody, and we share a similar understanding of the critical role that security and regulation will play in the adoption of crypto by institutional players. Together with Prime Trust, we eliminate the vulnerabilities that digital assets are exposed to as they move between different endpoints and provide a fast and secure experience for Prime Trust customers under a regulated umbrella.”
– Michael Shaulov, CEO of Fireblocks

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