New cryptocurrency wallet from COSS prepares for full release

COSS Wallet is a multi blockchain crypto wallet serving as a one-stop manager

Cosswallet Cryptoninas, the Singapore cryptocurrency exchange company, which recently completed a merger with Arax Wallet, is now readying for the full release of the new COSS Wallet, which unites the technology of COSS and Arax, along with contributions from the community.

The wallet, available on Android and iOS, is formally now out of beta status, and will offer new and constant UI and interface changes, the latest bug fixes have also been completed.

The wallet features an address book which enables a user to send crypto to saved contacts. Users just have to input the receivers COSS ID once, and can then send them crypto by selecting the contact from the in-app address book.

The wallet also includes a COSS Star Rating feature. Users complete their profile to get more COSS Stars. The Star rating of the COSS wallet determines eligibility to access various wallet services. Completing each star rating gives reward points, which can be used for mobile top-ups, exchanged for COS tokens, and more.

“Today, we are thrilled to announce that COSS Wallet has officially left beta. We are honored to continue working on building and improving the app for the best user experience possible. We look forward to seeing you in the new COSS wallet app.”
– The COSS Team

COSS Wallet

COSS Wallet is a crypto wallet which allows users to keep their digital assets secure under a single app and web-based account. The wallet works on blockchain infrastructure to keep your digital assets on a public network, letting users manage, track and use your valuable assets from a single solution. COSS Wallet supports fourteen different blockchain networks and twenty-one ERC 20 based tokens. To provide users the utility of the native COS token, COSS Wallet offers multiple services like money transfer, mobile top-ups, and utility bill payments.

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