Crypto trading platform Caspian adds arbitrage and value tools

The Caspian OEMS has been live for over 18 months and the pairs trading functionality went into production in recent weeks and is available out-of-the-box for all Caspian Order Execution Management System (OEMS) clients

Caspian Tool

Caspian, the full-stack crypto trading, portfolio and risk management platform, today announced the launch of its pairs trading functionality. The new capabilities pave the way for funds looking to use statistical arbitrage and relative value-based strategies to grow their business – two strategies that have become popular in the crypto market.

Currently, in use by several clients, Caspian’s price-spread and price-ratio pairs algorithms enable funds to trade pairs using coins on any of the 35 exchanges Caspian is currently connected to, with coins and derivatives on the same or different exchanges.

 “Caspian is the first full-stack crypto trading platform to offer pairs algorithms, which demonstrates the maturity of the Caspian OEMS. We are seeing an increasing number of firms adopting arbitrage trading strategies to take advantage of the still inefficient cryptocurrency asset class. Rather than taking a longer-term view on the value of any currency, firms with the correct technology are profiting from the temporary market inefficiencies that exist when the same coin is being traded on multiple exchanges at different prices. This is like what we saw when electronic trading of equities began to take off.”
– Chris Jenkins, Caspian Managing Director

Key features of Caspian’s pairs trading capabilities include the ability to:

“Statistical arbitrage has been a widely adopted trading strategy among traditional asset classes for quite some time. Due to the unique nature of the cryptocurrencies market, market participants need to equip themselves with technology tools to better navigate the cryptocurrency trading landscape and deal with the nuances in applying arbitrage trading strategies. Caspian’s front-to-back platform is one of the better-known tools that enable market participants to implement such arbitrage strategies in what is still a nascent cryptocurrencies market.”
– Gabriel Wang, Aite analyst

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