Blockchain loyalty protocol qiibee joins ‘Startup with IBM’ program

With qiibee any company will be able to use, create and manage their loyalty program, setup transactions and users, mint their tokens, run transactions, monitor and analyze their token economy, and more.

Qiibee Ibm

qiibee, a blockchain-powered platform that enables any business to create, launch, and manage their own branded loyalty token, today announced its acceptance by the ‘Startup with IBM’ program, making it an official IBM partner.

The collaboration enables qiibee to reach the huge network of IBM and improves the access to technical resources helping to scale on an even greater level and further disrupt the loyalty industry.

“We are very excited to be accepted for the ‘Startup with IBM Premium Program’ and can’t wait to make use of, and access more than 130 unparalleled services by IBM and benefit from their great network.”
– The qibee Team

The Benefits

Thanks to ‘Startup with IBM’ qiibee will get access to enterprise-grade technologies and expert advice and can benefit from communicating with other startups and specialists through meetups and special events. Furthermore, qiibee can profit from an immense partner network by IBM which will make qiibee even more well-known and makes further collaborations possible.

As mentioned, qiibee can access more than 130 unparalleled services and make use of IBM’s free Cloud credits worth 120,000 USD a year which offers the team to spread multiple qiibee blockchain nodes across the IBM network and enables new testing scenarios. Other than that, qiibee is also eligible to make use of their services including the ‘IBM Watson mechanism’, the ‘IBM Blockchain’, their ‘IBM Analytics tool’, and ‘IBM Security’.

The next step is to graduate from ‘Startup with IBM’ to then be eligible to join ‘IBM Partners’, their global partner program. Where qibee could get market-leading offers, build an even greater network by building innovative solutions with exclusive partners, selling through IBM’s global sales channels and receive first-hand support from IBM experts and dev advocates while enhancing the future of ‘loyalty on the blockchain’.

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