CoinTiger and Ticker Capital launch $15 million USDT blockchain booster fund

The aim is to use the dedicated fund to increase holdings of quality assets on CoinTiger

CoinTiger, a bitcoin and crypto asset exchange, and Ticker Capital, have announced the launch of a blockchain booster investment fund called the Unicorn Booster Scheme.

The dedicated fund was originated last month led by Ticker Capital, and includes 15 million USDT to fund blockchain projects, with an investment lock-up period of 2 years.

Unicorn Booster Scheme

The fund was originated to gradually increase holdings of high-quality projects via the secondary market on CoinTiger. The screening of high-quality projects is based on market liquidity, community dynamics, technical breakthroughs and business ecosystem expansion, etc.

The initial projects starting the Unicorn Booster Scheme are Ultiledger (ULT), TigerCash (TCH), and Dengba Planet (DBT). The initial holdings of respective tokens are 35 million ULT, 10 million TCH, and 20 million DBT, with an approximate holding ratio of 14% of total scale. Future selected projects and holding ratios will be announced monthly.

The Unicorn Booster Scheme introduced by Ticker Capital and CoinTiger aims to hold high-quality projects to obtain long-term growth, not for short-term profit. During the lock-up period, the holding ratio will be between 15% — 85% and holdings of each asset will not exceed 10% of the total scale.

While striving to minimize investment risks, the Unicorn Booster Scheme will raise the liquidity of selected blockchain assets and support the long-term development of the blockchain industry through strategic investment of potential “unicorn” blockchain projects on the secondary market.

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