YOUNIQX Identity launches new cryptocurrency cold wallet

YOUNIQX Identity AG, a subsidiary of the Austrian State Printing House (OeSD), today introduced Chainlock, a highly secure and forgery-proof cryptocurrency cold wallet solution.

The wallet enables secure offline storage of blockchain assets including bitcoin, it can also be used for STOs. With Chainlock, cryptographic keys are only known to the user where necessary.

B2B product features:



The Austrian State Printing House (OeSD) Group is an Austrian high-security company with a focus on secure identities. As a full-service provider of ID and e-government solutions, OeSD develops, implements and offers personalization solutions for identity documents such as the highly secure Austrian passport.

In 2018, the portfolio was extended through the foundation of the innovative subsidiary YOUNIQX Identity AG, which offers solutions in the field of secure digital identities. With MICK (My Identity Check), the highly secure video identification service, MIA (My Identity App), the world’s first system offering integrated identity management, and Chainlock, the secure private key, the company is optimally prepared for the digital future.

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