Why It’s Good To Review Bitcoin Trading Platforms

Trading can be quite confusing especially if you’re a rookie. Even those who have been doing it for years can still make mistakes; Bitcoin trading takes time to learn.

You can never be an expert trader in just a few weeks or even a couple of months. You’ll get the hang of it as long as you trade continuously and keep on learning because there’s a myriad of things you need to learn before you become an expert cryptocurrency trader.

One of those things you need to learn is how to use a trading platform.

What’s A Bitcoin Trading Platform?

A Bitcoin trading platform is where all the transactions take place, which means that you actually have no choice but to use one. There are many companies that offer this service and the trick is to find one that’ll work for you.

You have to keep in mind that not all bitcoin trading platforms are created equal. One platform could work for one trader and may not work for the other. You need to find one that’ll feel comfortable to you when you use it and will not charge you an unreasonable amount of money for using their platform.

There are reputable platforms that’ll allow you to create a trial account so you can get a feel of the website. You can trade small amounts and see if you’re comfortable with their system.

Reading reviews from several clients is also a good way to determine if a Bitcoin trading platform is good. Understand that a negative review from one client may not necessarily mean that the platform is not good. It could simply mean that the client may not be comfortable with the user interface of the platform. This is why it’s important to read several reviews before deciding on a trading platform.

If you’re an experienced bitcoin trader and you have tried some Bitcoin trading platforms, you may want to consider writing a review on Bitcoin Code Review Site in order to help other Bitcoin traders.

Why Should You Write Reviews on Bitcoin Trading Platforms?

There are a number of reasons why you should consider writing reviews of platforms that are being used for Bitcoin trading.

Here are some of them:

  1. Inform potential investors on hidden charges. There are a lot of rookie Bitcoin traders out there and many of them are still hesitant about what they’re about to do. They have a lot to learn and it would only make sense that most of them will want to choose a platform that doesn’t charge too much for every transaction. New traders are not very confident when they trade and it’s possible to make some mistakes. They understand that there’s a learning curve and they’ll probably lose some money when they trade. However, minimizing the loss could encourage them to do more trading until they get the hang of it and become better.

    There are platforms that are not reputable and have hidden fees. It would be great for traders to know things such as this so they can decide beforehand if they still want to create an account on those trading platforms.

    In addition, there are different types of trading and each type could have different fees. It would save a lot of time for traders if they could get this information from a single review.

  2. User interface review. There are platforms that are easy to use and there are trading platforms that simply boggle the mind. Bitcoin trading can already be challenging, especially when you have to make a decision on whether to sell, trade, or not do anything. So, when a trader uses a trading platform, he shouldn’t have to figure out too long how to buy or trade.

The user experience is very important. When a website’s user interface is too complicated, traders could make unnecessary mistakes just because they clicked on the wrong button.

Traders waste a lot of their time trying out trading platforms. They have to create a trial account and test the platform if it is to their liking. However, if there are detailed reviews of trading platforms, the clients can simply try out those that are on the top of the list of other traders.

  1. Withdraw funds without hassle. One of the most important features of a trading platform is to allow clients to withdraw their funds easily and without any hassle.

Trading happens at any time of the day so it should only follow that the withdrawal portal has to be open 24 hours every day. Clients shouldn’t have to wait for the portal to open so that they could get their funds.

There are trading platforms that don’t have an open withdrawal portal 24/7. You’ll need to contact customer support if you wish to do so, which can be quite annoying if you have to do it every time.

Traders should know about this before they start trading on that platform. Also, there are platforms that are not so trustworthy. There is a possibility that you’ll not be able to withdraw your funds at all.
Again, reviews are important for things such as this. Traders need to know if a platform is not being honest about their transactions.

  1. Trading platform improvement. When people start writing reviews about a trading platform, website owners pay attention. If the reviews are good and the website is being recommended, then everything is well and good. However, should the case be the opposite and traders give negative reviews about a platform, it’s an opportunity for the website owners to improve their platform.

    Admittedly, there may be no perfect trading platform. However, there are platforms that are close to being perfect, and every platform should aim for this. When you’re doing business, you should look for ways on how to improve your services or products. Owners will never know what their clients want if clients do not speak up. Writing reviews is a client’s way of letting the website owners know if they’re happy with the services or not.


Bitcoin trading takes a while to learn. There’s always a learning curve. However, each trader should help one another, especially those who are new to the game.

Surely, you have benefitted from reviews as well. It’s about time that you also share your knowledge of these platforms to your fellow traders.

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