Helis Network closes seed round to build decentralized finance ecosystem

Helis Network, an enterprise protocol for decentralized finance (DeFi), today confirmed the closing of its seed round for USD $500K. The round was completed two weeks ago and led by NGC Ventures II, the recently launched, multi-strategy crypto fund of one of NGC Ventures.

Additional investments were made by Woodstock, a multi-asset investment firm; Obsidian Capital, a decentralized blockchain ecosystem fund; SMC Capital, an NYC-based VC fund; and Black Edge Capital, a proprietary trading firm specializing in option market-making.

“Decentralized infrastructure illustrates a trust-driven model of economic activity, gesturing to an attitudinal shift in the financial industry. While security and privacy continue to lead the charge for industry expectations, by engineering excellence through product design and usage, blockchain adoption becomes easily contextualized. We’re excited to be part of this undertaking for enterprise to enter the decentralized economy.”
– Roger Lim, Founding Partner at NGC Ventures

With the capital raised, the Helis team be using it to: continue developing products to bring in a new era of finance, ensure its smart contracts are secure and have been audited by reputable firms, help the community grow and launch more initiatives.


Helis is focused on making DeFi accessible and powerful for enterprises. The team is achieving this through developing a series of usable products including:

  1. Payroll: An enterprise application that enables easy payments to businesses, employees, freelancers, and investors. Coupled with a beautiful interface. Fiat integration coming soon.
  2. Loans: Enterprises have plenty of idle assets. Creating easy to use interfaces to aggregate liquidity and find the best lending rates can be integrated alongside payroll.
  3. Derivatives: Speculation is one of the primary use cases with cryptocurrencies. Creating products that help understand the risks in a simple, easy to use way can prove to be useful.
Ecosystem Roadmap
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