Crypto protection platform Sentinel Protocol partners with CyberSSS

With a common goal of providing accessible cybersecurity protection to individuals and entities worldwide, both Sentinel Protocol and CyberSSS are committed to offering joint cybersecurity solutions through shared expertise and vision.

Sentinel Protocol, a crowdsourced threat intelligence platform built on blockchain technology, has announced a new reseller agreement with CyberSSS, a provider of vulnerability management, web application scanning, and mobile application testing.

CyberSSS has agreed to appoint Sentinel Protocol as a direct and official reseller of the software; and under the terms of the agreement, Sentinel Protocol will market and resell CyberSSS products in selected territories.

Sentinel Protocol

Sentinel Protocol’s crypto protection product suite is aligned with traditional industry standards of security solutions. The benefits of crowdsourced threat intelligence have proven to be critical in markets around the world as hackers have become more increasingly sophisticated with their cyberattacks. These products are aimed to protect digital assets belonging to organizations and end-users from malicious threats, money laundering, and involvement with terrorist financing.

“We are most pleased to welcome CyberSSS as our Strategic Partner as there are significant synergies in partnering with CyberSSS, and we are delighted to offer our users a solid portfolio of security solutions with significant value-add. The backbone of our products, the Threat Reputation Database (TRDB), was built on a crowdsourced structure: combined effort, valuing each report and indicator that was entrusted to us. As we are aware of the impact that joining forces can have, we are very happy to strengthen our capabilities for providing our users with high-quality cyber solutions.”
– John Kirch, Senior Vice President at Sentinel Protocol

Sentinel Protocol is a crowdsourced threat intelligence platform utilizing the advantages of decentralization to protect cyberspace with blockchain security. It aims to equip individuals and organizations with cybersecurity solutions that help protect their valuable cryptocurrency assets from malicious threats, attacks, and fraudulent transactions.

“First of all, we would like to thank Sentinel Protocol for their support and trust. We value every one of our partnerships and Sentinel will certainly open new doors in the market with our combined capabilities and expertise. CyberSSS Platform has been designed from the ground up to make it easier for companies like Sentinel to extend their product and service offerings to their clients.”
– Sunisa Srinual, President at CyberSSS

CyberSSS is a leader in vulnerability management, web application scanning, and mobile application testing, transforming how organizations manage vulnerabilities.

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