QuarkChain integrates Chainlink to improve smart contract experience

The Chainlink network provides reliable tamper-proof inputs and outputs for complex smart contracts on any blockchain

QuarkChain, a blockchain-based on sharding technology, announced today it is integrating Chainlink’s oracle technology to create a better smart contract development experience for enterprises and developers.

By integrating Chainlink, developers on the QuarkChain network can successfully connect their DApps and smart contracts to external data, effectively reaching more industry applications.

Chainlink has been developing blockchain oracles for many years and is notable for working with leading enterprise companies such as Google, Oracle and the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications (SWIFT).

Qi Zhou, QuarkChain, Founder

“Chainlink is a leader in the blockchain space and is working on real-world blockchain applications with technology giants such as Google. This has breakthrough significance for blockchain technology to enter the mainstream. We are honored to work with an excellent company such as Chainlink to expand the capabilities of QuarkChain’s smart contracts beyond on-chain transactions to touch more areas of users daily lives.”
Dr. Qi Zhou, QuarkChain Founder and CEO

Relying on the sharding and customizability of sharding elements, QuarkChain realizes high throughput and flexibility. QuarkChain offers targeted solutions for large enterprises and customized shards for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Why Oracles

Oracles trigger smart contracts by connecting them with data including that from the outside world (off-chain data, APIs, etc.). When the conditions of a smart contract are met, oracles will execute the smart contract. Many DApps on blockchains need smart contracts that call off-chain data to realize the transactions. But improperly obtained data without the use of a trusted oracle system is neither reliable nor secure. For example, a flight delay insurance contract needs accurate flight schedule data from trusted oracles in order to trigger and pay out the insuree appropriately.

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