Bitcoin exchange OKEx provides insurance boost to its perpetual swap market

OKEx, the popular bitcoin and crypto exchange company, today announced it has donated $4.5 million worth of bitcoin to its perpetual swap market insurance fund.

Last year, OKEx introduced perpetual swap trading along with the new risk management system which their customers widely benefited from. The effort to support the perpetual swap insurance fund will now provide an extra layer of protection to customers.

“We strive for developing a healthy trading environment. No clawback has occurred on OKEx perpetual swap since its launch. We introduced a new risk management system to strike a better balance between avoiding early liquidation and maximizing traders’ benefits. We believe the $4.5 million donation can give extra confidence for customers trading on our platform. Developing a robust crypto marketplace where everyone can trade freely in a fair manner is something that has always been our mission.”
– Andy Cheung, Head of Operations of OKEx

OKEx’s crypto marketplace offers hedging and arbitrage instruments, such as futures and perpetual swaps, to help traders optimize their trading strategies. With a comprehensive security system, no major security issues, hacks, and asset losses have ever taken place on OKEx.

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