Ethos crypto wallet 2.0 now live: BTC transaction fee reduced, BCH support

BCH support and faster app speeds are among the updates implemented for the Ethos Universal Wallet Update 2.0

Ethos Wallet 20

Ethos, a crypto asset, and blockchain app ecosystem, just released one of its biggest upgrades to date for its Ethos Universal Wallet. Update 2.0 delivers a faster wallet, quicker and cheaper transactions, the addition of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and more.

Before this release, the Ethos team migrated servers and upgraded their backend system. With this large-scale data migration, the majority of wallet users will now experience a significant increase in app speed.

Further, Ethos developers have worked to optimize the fee calculation process for Bitcoin (BTC) transactions. With the update, users will find that BTC transaction fees are reduced upwards of 20%.

ETH & ERC20 Token Transfers

The new update also features upgraded Ethereum nodes, which enables ETH and ERC20 token transfers to the wallet to be much quicker, with just a couple confirmations on the blockchain.

Upgrade to Ethos Bedrock for Crypto Deposits & Withdrawals on Voyager

The Ethos team has delivered upgrades to backend APIs and blockchain abstraction system, Ethos Bedrock, including the introduction of the Ethos x Voyager custody solution.

The custody solution allows users of the Voyager Trading App, to deposit and withdrawal bitcoin and ethereum directly to and from their Voyager App

In February of this year, Voyager, a publicly listed crypto-asset broker, announced the acquisition Ethos. The acquisition combined Voyager’s crypto trading technology with Ethos’ ecosystem of self-custody for storing, sending, and receiving assets, with the aim to create an all-in-one crypto solution.

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