KardiaChain and Blockcloud partner to enhance interchain ecosystem

Partnership agreement signed last month

Kardiachain Kai Blockcloud Bloc

KardiaChain, a decentralized, interoperable and self-optimized blockchain ecosystem, has announced the formation of a new partnership with Blockcloud to combine innovative blockchain solutions to improve data sharing and interchain connection.

Blockcloud is a blockchain-based advanced TCP/IP platform that improves and upgrades the existing Internet. Blockcloud consists of a team of experts with over 10 years of experience in the IoT Industry, 8 million+ devices connected in the areas of Internet of Vehicles, Smart Healthcare, Smart Homes, etc. The Blockcloud project was the first IEO on OKEx.

Mr. Eric Hung Nguyen, Chairman of KardiaChain and Dr. Zhongxing Ming, CEO of Blockcloud have signed the strategic partnership MoU.

“It’s our honor to be here to be partnered with KardiaChain. We really believe that blockchain technology is the most innovative technology in the 21st century. And the interoperability of the blockchain is really important in this space. I believe the collaboration between Blockcloud and KardiaChain will be the good example in this space. We will see the bright future in this. Thank you.”
– CEO of Blockcloud, Dr. Zhongxing Ming

The KardiaChain and Blockcloud teams are forming a collaboration to integrate innovative solutions their respective projects and for the benefit of partners. The alliance features joint marketing activities and events (workshops, meetups, hackathons), based on specific use cases. Moreover, the teams will share their networks, resources, and existing communities for cross-marketing purposes in Vietnam, China, and other regions which will facilitate broader application scenarios for both projects use cases.

“Thank you Dr. Zhongxing, Blockcloud is always our loyal friend and true companion of us in a very long journey and we are very glad today that we’re signing the strategic partnership, we really hope that this is the start of a very exciting journey between us.”
– Chairman of KardiaChain, Mr. Eric Hung Nguyen

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