Hedera Hashgraph to integrate Vertalo’s cap table and investor relations platform

Vertalo Hedera Hashgraph

Vertalo, a digital asset and blockchain technology firm, announced they are working with Hedera Hashgraph to integrate their investor relations and cap table management platform with the Hedera public distributed ledger.

Vertalo’s distributed ledger platform enables issuers and broker-dealers to onboard investors for any private placement, integrates with KYC/AML, and creates a cap table that utilizes the blockchain as the core database system, facilitating secondary trading of those assets on ATSs or exchanges through direct API connections.

The Hedera Hashgraph platform will offer a public, distributed ledger that enables anyone to easily develop secure, fair, lightning-fast, globally distributed applications. The security, fair, solidity-compatible, and trust engendered by Hedera Hashgraph is significant to Vertalo’s core mission of investor and stakeholder relations management. Self-sovereign ownership of securities demands the highest standard delivered by Hedera’s Hashgraph.

“Vertalo’s digital asset lifecycle management platform is helping to solve some of the most crucial challenges facing the digital asset economy today. We are pleased that they have selected to build their platform on top of Hedera Hashgraph, to give customers the security, fairness, and trust that are crucial for these kinds of services.”
– Jordan Fried, SVP of Business Development at Hedera

Vertalo’s investor onboarding and cap table solution are available for issuers — tokenized or not — who are running their own fundraising efforts. It can also be used by broker-dealers, like existing Vertalo partners Entoro Capital, US Capital Global, Series One, and others. Vertalo is a B2B software company headquartered in Austin, TX with offices in New York City.

 “Hedera Hashgraph represents the kind of technology that Vertalo — and the market — require to deliver a trusted solution for a growing global client base.” He continues, “As more assets move from centralized databases and spreadsheets onto distributed ledgers, the underlying infrastructure needs to scale along with it. Vertalo has chosen to build on Hedera Hashgraph because we require technology that can not only process at higher rates than earlier DLTs, but that also comes with improved governance models that reflect our values and those of our clients. Together with Hedera, Vertalo can directly resolve the five fundamental obstacles to mainstream market adoption of public ledger technology: Performance, Security, Stability, Governance, and Regulatory Compliance.”
– Dave Hendricks, CEO & Co-Founder at Vertalo

The Vertalo Registry Application onboards and connects an investor to their proven, unique Ethereum Wallet. The platform then adds investor’s error-free data to the issuer’s branded cap table.