Blockchain and crypto data API Amberdata launches new startup plan

Amberdata continues to ship new features and improve its APIs, becoming one of the leading crypto data providers.

Amberdata Crypto Ninjas

Amberdata, an API based blockchain, and crypto-market data provider, today announced the launch of On-Demand Pricing.

The new pricing structure starts at just $50/month, and will provide users access to all the Pro Tier endpoints with the first 1000 API requests free and only $0.50 for each additional 1,000 calls.

Users may upgrade their plan at any time, to make it easy for anyone to ‘ram- up’ and build upon the Amberdata API.

In other news, Amberdata just hosted the first Amberdata virtual hackathon, with the team proud to report that in three days, six projects were built upon Amberdata APIs.

“Today the crypto community is truly global, however, we are still in the very, very early stages of empowering the 30 million developers to build blockchain-based applications. Accessing data from the blockchain is complex. Getting live updates is challenging. Blockchain is also not optimized for search. We make accessing on-chain and digital asset market (price) data easy for any team building real-time data-powered applications today! We combine validated blockchain and market data from the top crypto exchanges into a unified platform and API, reducing complexity and operational headaches. Build the future now with Amberdata.”
– The Amberdata Team

Amberdata offers a platform for monitoring, searching, analyzing, and securing public and private blockchains. This platform allows for operational intelligence for blockchain infrastructure, on-chain decentralized applications, token utilization, and transactions.

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