æternity Ventures announces $400К funding in 4 blockchain projects


æternity Ventures, the investment arm of the æternity Blockchain, has officially announced the funding in the 4 seed-stage startups from the second edition of the Starfleet accelerator program.

Each of the 4 teams will receive funding of $100,000, the maximum amount offered, with the æternity Ventures praising the project teams for their excellent quality and the level of experience.

Going forward, every seed investment is connected to a set of milestones which were discussed and agreed upon with the teams. Moreover, each team will receive legal and marketing aid, as well as heads-on business development guidance through all stages of their growth.

“Since its foundation, the mission of æternity Ventures is to enrich the blockchain space constantly and ensure that the ideas worth hearing will be heard. It is exciting to follow the growth of these four high-quality projects with the potential to disrupt industries on a global scale! They would have a meaningful impact on the entire æternity ecosystem – the ultimate reward for me and the whole æternity Ventures team.”
– Nikola Stojanow, CBO of æternity Blockchain and CEO of æternity Ventures

The second edition of Starfleet accelerator started in March 2019 with 14 blockchain startups from all over the world, from which only 8 were invited to pitch on the final demo day in April.

In the end, 4 teams were selected for an investment offer. Тhe 4 startups receiving investment from æternity Ventures include event ticketing provider, satellite data marketplace, blockchain game, and decentralized freelancing platform:


Abend from Germany is a cashless, user-friendly, on-site payment platform whose prototype is already running on æternity blockchain.

The team behind the project engages to create “own little economy” for the music events segment internationally.


The Croatian Cryptotask is urging the long-awaited freelancing revolution by creating a task-oriented, easy to use, decentralized freelancing task market with advanced dispute resolution system built-in (something like Upwork but much better and on æternity blockchain).

Cryptic Legend

Cryptic Legends (Malta/Serbia) is blockchain-based hero management, battle simulation game set in an ancient fantasy world.

Aside from selling legends/heroes directly to the players, Cryptic Legends aims to provide the option for trading heroes between players.


The Bulgarian project, Homeport is an open marketplace for ground station capacity and data storage based on smart contracts. It is focusing on the efficient collection of satellite data, including earth imaging, atmospheric data, broadband internet, and maritime comms, using a decentralized global teleport.

Delivering Working Versions

After receiving the first tranche of the funding, each team has a period of 6 months to deliver a working product or a beta version of their project with users operating on the æternity Blockchain.

To reach these milestones, the 4 start-ups will be guided by æternity Ventures in areas including media relations, pitching to investors, tooling, blockchain infrastructure, æternity apps architecture, token economics, and business model.

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