R3’s Corda blockchain network launches Token SDK 1.0

The Token SDK will provide a standard interface to tokenize assets and business transactions with Corda

Corda Token

R3, an enterprise blockchain software firm, announced today the launch of the Corda Token SDK. The SDK is a developer toolkit and set of standards aiming to do for Corda, what ERC20 did for Ethereum.

With the launch of the Token SDK, users can now create native tokens on the Corda blockchain, with:

Why tokens on Corda?

Secure crypto assets: Corda’s unique privacy, security, regulatory friendliness, strong identity layer, and tight integration with the existing financial system.

Speed and Scale: Corda has demonstrated that DLT can support trading volumes in the US Equity Markets of 6,300 trades per second.

This is because Corda is optimally sharded. Corda nodes don’t process transactions unrelated to them, and as a result, transactions per second on a network level increases linearly as nodes are added.

The UTXO model that Corda employs has proven to be a powerful way of recording tokens on the blockchain. Rather than a stateful contract that everyone interacts with, users hold your own tokens. States are both stored by and controlled by a user’s own node.

An all-in-one solution: Use the open-source Corda Settler to settle tokens into fiat through traditional payment rails, reducing settlement time, cost and counterparty risk.

Those already building token solutions on Corda today include:

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