Blocknet releases powerful update for Block DX exchange

Blocknet protocol releases version 1.2.0 update for its decentralized exchange app

Block Dx Crypto Ninjas

Blocknet, a 2nd layer blockchain interoperability protocol that enables communication, interaction, and exchange between different blockchains, today released a powerful update for its decentralized exchange dApp, Block DX.

Block DX is the first dApp powered by the Blocknet protocol, and new version 1.2.0 comes with many improvements and new features. Check out a review and details on these update below.

Note: This Block DX release requires Blocknet wallet version 3.13.0 or greater.


Block DX has added tooltips to help inform users on the details of using a decentralized exchange, which can be helpful reminders in troubleshooting. The tooltips have been added to the Balance, Order Form, and Order Book panels. A tooltip for Active/Inactive Orders is on the way, along with an improved onboarding process.

Responsive Layout

The Getting Started, General Settings, and Terms of Service screens have been improved to respond better to changing window sizes. This helps by ensuring buttons are always visible so that actions are clear for the user.

Right-click Order Taking

Users can now take orders even faster. When right-clicking on an order in the order book and selecting “Take Order” – the order’s taken automatically rather than populating the order form and needing to select the place order button. This is helpful in quickly taking that a deal before another user does.

Wallet Refresh Button

This new release provides the ability to manually refresh connected wallets and balances with the click of a button. Occasionally there can be a delay when adding a new wallet, the new refresh button will force a recheck for the connected wallets and balances.

Multiple User Experience Improvements

Bug Fixes

Updated Compatibility List

The list of compatible assets and wallet versions has been updated to include the latest wallet releases, as well as a few new assets including ATBCoin, BitMoney, GambleCoin, GeekCash, Helium, Nyerium, and Rapture.

“There are many exciting milestones still ahead including additional UX improvements, market, and limit order functionality, localization for international use, and integration of a lite multiwallet being developed by CloudChains Inc, which is powered by the Blocknet protocol. ”
– The Blocknet Team