TokenSoft now supports security tokens on the Tezos blockchain

T3 Tezos Tokensoft

TokenSoft, a security token issuance and management platform, today announced that it officially supports the issuance of security tokens on the Tezos blockchain. TokenSoft clients will soon be able to issue compliant tokenized securities on Tezos and then have them administered securely using TokenSoft’s enterprise-grade cold storage custody solution for tokenized securities, Knox.

“We first started working with the Tezos blockchain over a year ago, we’re excited to take our services to the next level,” said Mason Borda, CEO of TokenSoft. “With the introduction of the Tezos multi-signature and FA1.2 smart contracts, we now have the key ingredients to provide our institutional-grade services on the Tezos blockchain.”

TokenSoft will implement the Tezos blockchain and provide the following services to the market:

The Tezos blockchain provides a high level of security and resilience to the security token market:

Last week, Banco BTG Pactual S.A., Latin America’s largest standalone investment bank, and Dalma Capital, a prominent Dubai asset manager, announced plans to utilize the Tezos blockchain for Security Token Offerings (STOs), including the ongoing REITBZ STO.

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