Blockchain investment network RealBlocks raises $3.6 million in seed round


BlockchainK2, a company offering a portfolio of cryptocurrency and blockchain mining opportunities, has today announced an investment of $500,000 USD in RealBlocks, a modern blockchain investment network providing global access and secondary trading for alternative investments.

The investment closes off RealBlocks’ seed round financing and adds to previous investments in RealBlocks of $3.1 million USD earlier this year by various venture capital funds, including Science Inc., Morgan Creek Digital, Zelkova Ventures, Ulu Ventures, and Cross Culture Ventures.

Sergei Stetsenko, a Director of BlockchainK2, stated, “Decentralized blockchain solutions are enabling the tokenization of alternative financial assets  –  including the multi-trillion-dollar private equity, private credit, and private real estate markets. RealBlocks’ tokenization solution enables more efficient capital raising, more cost-effective compliance, simpler documentation and, most importantly, offers secondary trading of illiquid alternative assets. The RealBlocks network also enables broader distribution of alternative private financial assets, lower costs to investors and distributors, and liquidity and transparency in secondary markets.”

“We are excited to have BlockchainK2 join a group of investors that supports RealBlocks’ mission to open alternative investments to investors around the world. There is growing demand from investors and financial intermediaries to access the potential of the alternative investment market. Through the support of BlockchainK2 and others, RealBlocks is creating a new way to reach these opportunities,” said RealBlocks CEO Perrin Quarshie.

“RealBlocks democratizes access to alternative investments by digitizing shares of the funds over a blockchain-enabled network. The network is designed to create unmatched levels of liquidity and transparency in the traditionally complex world of alternatives, thereby enabling fund managers, financial intermediaries and investors greater control and impact over their performance,” continued Mr. Quarshie.

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