VeChain (VET) now available on crypto payment app Metal

VET is now supported on the Metal Pay app

Metal Vechain

Metal Pay, cryptocurrency app that rewards users each time they send or receive money, has announced that as of now, the VET token of blockchain platform VeChain is available to buy and sell in its marketplace.

VeChain will be available to all Metal Pay users, including allowing users in the United States to purchase VET token from an FDIC-insured U.S. dollar account.

VeChain: Proof of Authenticity

VeChain’s enterprise-level public blockchain was created with the mission of solving one of the biggest problems in worldwide product distribution: how to determine the quality and authenticity of products, and to identify and eliminate counterfeit goods.

Internet of Things (IoT) technology allows for the data collection and management of real-world objects. VeChain has built its platform to make this technology more secure and verifiable in the interest of protecting all parties, from the manufacturer to the consumer.

Through the VeChain platform, every piece of the supply chain process can be recorded and verified using a tamper-proof distributed ledger that can track the product from its source materials to its complete servicing history. This has applications for many industries, including luxury goods, electronics, clothing, automotive products, wine, and liquor, just to name a few.

Last week, VeChain announced a partnership with Walmart China, and has developed alliances with many prominent organizations including Hyperledger, Microsoft, PwC and Renault.

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