Hurify IoT marketplace to integrate Emercoin blockchain solutions

Emercoin Hurify Cryptoninjas

Hurify, an enterprise IoT marketplace platform powered by smart contracts, announced it has signed licensing agreement with Emercoin to explore the use of its blockchain solutions for the Hurify IoT Marketplace.

According to the agreement, Hurify plans to leverage the capabilities of the Emercoin blockchain to integrate an array of Emercoin’s vertical solutions available for IoT applications, including:

  1. EmerSSH – secure shell management system needed devices.
  2. EmerDNS – uncensored and unstoppable domain name system, peering with OpenNIC
  3. EmerSSL – a system for passwordless authentication of devices.
  4. EmerTTS – trusted storage for digital timestamps on the blockchain.
  5. Magnet – distributed tracker for file sharing.
  6. EmerDPO – digital proof of ownership solution for devices.
  7. Randpay – high-scalable micropayment system, based on random payment aggregation.
  8. ENUMER – decentralized directory for telecommunication services.

“We’re looking forward to working with Hurify to adopt Emercoin blockchain products into Hurify IoT ecosystem. IoT & Blockchain applications are evolving rapidly, and we are glad to partner with Hurify to scale our products.”
Oleg Khovayko, Chief Technologist at Emercoin

Security & Blockchain

Security is always an overlooked element of blockchain technology. However, security is baked into the core design of blockchain technology. Hurify and Emercoin’s partnership aims at making it easy for IoT developers to integrate security as part of their development process. Since the device security elements are stored on the blockchain, IoT applications providers can directly leverage the build-in decentralized security aspects.

“We are looking to leverage the strong decentralized security products of Emercoin blockchain for IoT applications to help our partners and clients. We now have a much more robust device security solution with Emercoin integration to handle device security, identity; value management, and data monetization. Hurify Blockchain Consultancy Services will help our clients to scale these technology integrations to secure their IoT applications.”
– Mouli Srini, CEO, and President of Hurify Digital Markets

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