Crypto exchange solution Totle replaces ‘Portfolio’ with ‘Swap’ tool

Totle Swap enables instant token exchanges at the best price across DEXs

Totle Swap Cryptoninjas

Totle, a decentralized exchange (DEX) trading aggregation solution, has announced that going forward, it will be replacing the Totle Portfolio with Totle Swap.

Totle Portfolio will still be accessible for now, and users will be able to access the Totle Portfolio through a direct link but the portfolio manager will no longer be accessible from the Totle website.

The team has two reasons for making this change:

  1. Totle Portfolio was built on a previous system which has since been updated to a powerful API designed to make building with decentralized liquidity as seamless as possible. Totle Swap takes advantage of these updates by offering users a streamlined experience with superior rates and results.
  2. Totle Portfolio was a bit confusing to people inexperienced with crypto. Order books and pie charts displaying holdings didn’t meet the team’s criteria for being user-friendly anymore, they said, “the crypto space needs to evolve into a network of easy-to-use decentralized products that make managing your finances online simple.”