Caspian platform integrates Lendingblock showcasing crypto yield opportunities

The partnership between Lendingblock and Caspian further aids institutional investors access to and participation in cryptocurrency markets.

Caspian Lendingblock Cryptoninjas

Lendingblock, a regulated, open exchange for institutional borrowing and lending of digital assets, today announced a partnership with Caspian, the full-stack institutional crypto trading platform.

The integration between Lendingblock and Caspian will offer institutional investors that use Caspian’s order-execution management system across both digital assets and traditional capital markets the opportunity to access cryptocurrency lending markets for additional yield-enhancing opportunities.

Banks, market makers, hedge funds, asset managers and trading firms can now facilitate lending and borrowing across multiple digital assets for arbitrage, short selling, working capital purposes and managing inventory, amongst other strategic needs. Investors can also use Lendingblock’s risk-free lending yield curve as a data point to evaluate true price discovery of key assets.

“Despite volatility seen across the cryptocurrency market over the course of the year, crypto lending is something that has continued to boom. Providing Caspian clients with access to a regulated, secure and transparent crypto to crypto lending exchange is closing an important gap in the market for institutional investors.”
– Robert Dykes, CEO, and Co-Founder of Caspian

“This partnership will drive forward the maturity of what is currently a nascent, fragmented and opaque crypto lending market and exemplifies a key step forward for the crypto industry,” he continued.

Once live, Caspian clients will have access to additional liquidity through Lendingblock’s cryptocurrency lending markets and also have the ability to use stable coins as principal and collateral.

“The securities lending market is fundamental to traditional capital markets, providing market efficiency and helping the market function smoothly. Over $10 billion were generated in income from loans last year, and in crypto, we estimate the loan market being under 1% of the industry’s total market capitalization. Working with Caspian to provide funds and other institutions access to this lending infrastructure is fundamental to building out broader commercial adoption of digital assets.”
– Steve Swain, CEO of Lendingblock


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