SFOX brings team management tools to the crypto trading space

Team Roles are the latest addition to SFOX’s full-stack trading solution

Sfox Team Manager

SFOX, a bitcoin and crypto prime dealer platform for professional investors, today launched its new Team Roles extension for SFOX business customers. Starting now, admins of these accounts can add other people to the account and set user permissions.

There are five roles that can be assigned to members of a team: 

Business account holders can click the “Manage Users” button in their SFOX account to utilize the new add-on

These features will apply to the SFOX website on desktop and mobile, and they will also apply to the SFOX API. This means that if you want to create an API just for reporting or an API just for trading, you can now do that efficiently by using these permission settings.

SFOX provides features tailor-made for institutions, including: FDIC insurance, segregated bank accounts, active support, and best price execution.

“Our top priority at SFOX is making it easier for everyone to trade crypto, both at the individual and institutional level. As we’ve continued to work closely with our business and fund clients, along with their fund administrators and accounting firms, we’ve seen an increasing need for efficient and secure team-management tools in the crypto trading space. So, we made it happen.”
– The SFOX Team

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