FuzeX and XTOCK launch new crypto cold wallet custody service

The two companies are building a solution for the digital asset custodian market

FuzeX, a cryptocurrency payment platform, recently launched a new crypto asset cold wallet custody and payment service with XTOCK, a company that provides STO, custodian, exchange, and wallet services.

The platform is now available for enterprise users, and will also soon be open for individuals.

XTOCK, based in Hong Kong, maintains a custody network through signing STO Alliance partnerships with a number of companies including Polymath, BitForex and Legacy Trust.


The new service will feature storage and exchange functions for FuzeX users, and custody and payment options for users of XTOCK’s existing partners; BitForex, Coinbene, and Cashierest.

CUST Token

The XTOCK custodian token, CUST, was listed on Coinbene on June 5th and in the two weeks since listing, has gone from 0.01 to 0.08 USDT

Xtock Custody Cold Wallet

Xtock’s Custody Wallet provides a hardware-based card type cold wallet through the partnership with FuzeX, which also manufactures smart cards.

The card provides security to companies and individuals who are customers of CUST, by saving a private personal key into an encrypted IC chip, and security grade CCEAL5+ certification.