Digix partners with Whisp allowing payroll in DGX gold token

Whisp offers a crypto payroll solution remote or on-site, which is quick, easy to use, with no KYC required.

Digix, the physical backed asset company on Ethereum, has recently collaborated with Whisp, a crypto payroll and bookkeeping solution, to allow companies to pay their employees with Digix tokens, DGX or DGD, and other ERC20 tokens.

Digix tokens: DGX and DGD

The core product of Digix is DGX, a gold-backed token that is built on Ethereum blockchain technology. Each DGX token represents 1 gram of investment grade gold which is held in vaults out of Singapore and Canada.

DGD is the governance token for DigixDAO. DGD holders are able to participate in the building of Digix and DGX ecosystem through submission or proposals and applying for grants for projects.


With Whisp payroll on Ethereum, companies or vendors can directly pay employees in DGX, DGD or any ERC20 token, eliminating the middleman. Whisp manages all record keeping and users can conveniently export payment records in CSV format.

See the demo video below for more information:

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