Fusion (FSN) to migrate a portion of tokens to Binance Chain

Fusion, the interchain protocol, has announced that it will be integrating into the Binance Chain ecosystem. The first part of the engagement involves integrating Fusion’s FSN token with Binance Chain.

Also, Binance’s BNB token will be one of the first tokens made compatible with Fusion’s interoperable public chain.

“Here at Fusion we want to ensure that our FSN utility token is accessible to anyone seeking to use our platform and technology. We will empower a large new developer and user base to build with and experience DCRM, time-lock, quantum swap, asset creation, and enhancements and all the other features native to Fusion’s public chain. We are proud to be one of the early projects running on Binance Chain and are looking forward to being part of their thriving ecosystem.”
 The Fusion Team


Launched a couple of months ago, Binance Chain is a high speed, secure and user-friendly blockchain that serves as a solution for users who would like to issue and trade digital assets whilst maintaining complete control over their private keys.


Fusion will migrate a portion of FSN tokens to the BEP2 standard that is compatible with Binance Chain. Because of DCRM (Distributed Control Rights Management System), Fusion’s tokens can exist in different states whilst remaining completely compatible with the Fusion public chain. FSN in the BEP2 format will be able to be locked into the Fusion main network and controlled by a universal wallet.

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