DGaming open-sources Tendermint-based blockchain engine for gaming

DGaming wants its in-built PRNG to be suitable for applications like games and gambling.

DGaming, a decentralized gaming ecosystem, today announced the open-sourcing of its Tendermint/CosmosSDK hack with distributed pseudorandom number generator (PRNG) suitable for applications.

The open-sourced code can be viewed on the DGaming Github repository.

The DGaming Hub is part of the ecosystem of products and solutions created with the aim to push the industry towards mass adoption. To date, DGaming has released The DGaming Store, and The DGaming Wallet, two solutions designed to improve the user experience for players to make games and their assets more accessible.

DGaming also recently announced The DGaming Hub, a decentralized hub in the Cosmos network, to connect standalone gaming blockchains to an economic ecosystem. The latest project, The DGaming Arcade, is aimed at developers to help them implement a fast and unbiased PRNG into their stand-alone blockchain games.

With The DGaming Arcade, developers now have access to a ready-made, Tendermint-compatible PRNG that can be used within the Cosmos ecosystem. It’s now more viable for developers to create a standalone, application-specific blockchain with custom logic and PRNG. These application-specific blockchains can connect to The DGaming Hub in the Cosmos network.

“I think that the Cosmos ecosystem is due to a Cambrian explosion of consensus protocols and state machines suitable for different applications. The permissionless nature of inter blockchain communication will let people experiment on the base layer without losing access to the economic ecosystem and user interfaces. One of the most significant benefits of blockchain gaming is that it provides a provably fair way for players to enjoy their games. An in-built PRNG that is fast, and truly unbiasable, is vital for the game’s integrity.”
– DGaming’s Chief Technology Officer, Vasiliy Shapovalov

The open-source project is available immediately on the DGaming Github repository, and DGaming invites all interested parties to implement it into their projects.

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