RIF Name Service now lets users manage domains from any blockchain

RIF Name Service Multi-Crypto, allows users to manage all domains from one master dashboard, streamlining ease of use.

IOV Labs, an organization dedicated to the development of RSK Smart Contract Network and RSK Infrastructure Framework OS (RIF OS) Protocols, today launched RIF Name Service Multi-Crypto.

A first for the industry, the improved RIF Name Service (RNS) is the only service that supports and manages domains originating from any blockchain.

Previously, RNS could only support addresses built on the RSK Network, however, with the new upgrade, domain owners can integrate their domains into the RNS architecture and manage them from one master dashboard, streamlining decentralized domain ownership.

As part of the announcement, a new version of the RNS manager under beta is available supporting Multi-Crypto administration.

RNS simplifies the blockchain Domain Name System (DNS), by turning traditional blockchain domains that appear as a series of randomized letters and numbers into human-readable forms, such as a name or an easily remembered word, greatly reducing complexities and errors while opening up blockchain domain accessibility.

RIF Name Service Multi-Crypto was launched to solve the problem of multiple blockchains producing their own tokens and generating different addresses. By using RIF Name Service Multi-Crypto, a multi-chain resolution system turns each unique blockchain’s addresses into a RIF simple, human-readable, text or name address that can be managed from one dashboard.

While underneath the system provides interoperability between tokens built on different platforms, to the user, all their tokens and data appears in one app, similar to a wallet that supports multiple coins and in turn streamlining the entire blockchain management process.

Alejandro Banzas

“RNS Multi-Crypto is the only service in the world that allows users to resolve addresses built on top of any platform enhancing interoperability between tokens built on different platforms, while at the same time bolstering security, and significantly reducing the probability of errors. This launch showcases our continued commitment to not only driving technological advancements within the industry but also making it accessible to all.”
– Alejandro Banzas, RNS Product Lead

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