PCHAIN to provide blockchain secure service for China Finance Certification Authority

PCHAIN, the multi-chain system which supports Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), today announced it has formed strategic cooperation with the China Financial Certification Authority (CFCA).

The partnership will provide a digital certification service platform based on PCHAIN for various enterprises and organizations. The aim is to expand the financial information security infrastructure and promote the development of information security.


CFCA, China Finance Certification Authority, is led-organized by The People’s Bank of China in 1998. It’ s the authoritative security certification organization approved by Chinese information security administration. CFCA is one of the most important financial information security infrastructures. It served more than 2,400 financial organizations and over 98% of the Chinese banks are using its digital certification service.

CFCA is the largest digital authentication service organization in China. The company’s business scope includes digital authentication service, Internet security payment, information security products, information security service, big data service, Internet media, and software evaluation.


PCHAIN, the Super-Ethereum, is the largest scale native EVM multichain system in the world, which can support 256 child chains across continents with 180K TPS and confirm the transaction in seconds. PCHAIN is the first public chain investment in the Asia Pacific region by Google incubator Plug & Play. Meanwhile, it has received a strategic investment from more than 40 top-level global funds such as FBG, Torque, QUESCHAIN, Node Capital, LD Capital, JRR and Block VC, etc.

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