Fusion protocol introduces token-based (FSN) licensing program

Fusion Foundation, a non-profit organization building the next generation infrastructure for decentralized global finance, today announced a new licensing program to make its blockchain technology readily available to other blockchains, enterprise applications, and off-chain systems.

Fusion founder and CEO DJ Qian previously spearheaded two top 30 global blockchain projects, QTUM and VeChain. In May, he gave the keynote address at the Digital Asset Summit (DAS) in New York, where he demonstrated Fusion’s Distributed Control Rights Management (DCRM) capabilities now available through Fusion’s new licensing model. Fusion’s DCRM technology achieves unprecedented interconnectivity between blockchains and traditional systems.

“Investment firms and blockchain projects need a self-sustaining solution to overcome the lack of interoperability between chains, assets, currencies and off-chain systems,. Our flexible licensing program will help companies and projects experience what is possible when combining Fusion’s functionality and APIs with digital assets and blockchain technology.”

Dejun Qian, Founder, and CEO of Fusion

Users can obtain a license with Time-Locked Fusion utility tokens (FSN) to use Fusion’s DCRM source code in any program, blockchain or system. A Time-Locked token represents the usage rights to the underlying asset for a specified period of time. The Time Locking functionality enables Fusion to express the terms of the software license agreement without the need for complex legal documents or smart contracts. Time-Locked tokens representing the license can be resold in the open market, enabling existing licensees to exit their obligations early in a secondary market.

Firms for whom a Fusion protocol license would be valuable include those offering:

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