Blockchain Foundry deploys Syscoin 4.0; releases Syscoin Spark Wallet

Blockchain Foundry (BCF), the blockchain technology company and lead developer for Syscoin, today announced that it has successfully deployed Syscoin 4.0, the latest version of the Syscoin blockchain.

Syscoin is an open source blockchain protocol which underpins BCF’s proprietary development efforts, including its patent-pending Z-DAG blockchain scalability solution.

Syscoin  4.0  is an essential part of BCF’s upcoming blockchain bridge technology, which will link the Syscoin and Ethereum ecosystems,  allowing Ethereum developers to deploy their projects on the  Syscoin blockchain to increase throughput and scalability. BCF also released Syscoin  Spark,  a desktop-based blockchain client which incorporates all the functionality of the Syscoin ecosystem.

“Blockchain Foundry’s focus is on building and deploying innovative, blockchain-based solutions for enterprises. In order to be the best at what we do, we need to create a solid technical foundation for our enterprise solutions. Our clients come to us because of our deep expertise and the unique ecosystem that we offer for their projects. Syscoin 4.0 and Syscoin Spark are both integral components of the robust ecosystem that we have been building since 2014,” said Dan Wasyluk, CEO of BCF.

Designed for clients

Spark makes it easy for Blockchain Foundry clients to have their very own custom wallet based on their SPT (Syscoin Platform Token).

Spark features an extensible branding framework, allowing Blockchain Foundry to quickly and easily customize the look and functionality for client use cases. Spark allows Blockchain Foundry clients to provide a branded, secure, easy-to-use experience to their communities for interacting with SPTs.

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