DECENT and Dragonfly launch mobile blockchain powered gaming platform

The teams of DECENT and Dragonfly today announced the official launch of a mobile gaming platform which uses blockchain transactions to reduce costs, speed up exchange rates payment processing, and removes geographical currency barriers.

The project between DECENT, a blockchain technology provider, and Dragonfly, an app and game distribution platform popular in India, Thailand, and the Philippines, operates using ALAX Tokens, with the platform raising USM in its token sale last year.

Previously, game developers would face fees of up to 70% and settlement wait times of up to six months. Now, through ALAX Store, game creators receive immediate payment with cost savings transmitted into the development of their game portfolio. Meanwhile, the platform allows users to access better game content for a lower price direct from the application.

The ALAX Store is set to unlock gaming to millions of “unbanked” customers in Asia – those without access to traditional means of banking such credit cards – following operating agreements with tech companies like GioneeTorque Mobile and Mobiola.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”DECENT CEO and Founder Matej Michalko, who also serves as ALAX Co-Founder” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]“I’m also proud to say that ALAX leverages DECENT’s DCore blockchain platform to bring value to game developers with fair and timely payouts. I’m confident we have laid a solid foundation for a very successful project and I can’t wait to see the impact ALAX makes in the gaming industry.”[/perfectpullquote]