ICONLOOP launches blockchain-based certificate issuance service

ICONLOOP, the South Korean blockchain network, announced today the release of ‘broof’ a blockchain-based certificate issuance service. Based on the ICON public blockchain network, ‘broof’ supports certificate issuance, storage, and prevention of falsification.

The issuing authorities can reduce the cost of issuing and storing paper documents without having to create a separate database system. Meanwhile, recipients can easily receive and view their blockchain based certificates anywhere and anytime.

‘broof’ allows certificate issuance to occur when the data of the list provided by the issuing authority matches the requestor’s input data. Once the issuing authority(company or institution) sets the approved recipient list, issuance period, and the URL, the recipient can access the URL and enter his/her name and his/her password and obtain the certificate without going through other lengthy procedures.

It is also possible to customize the certificate template in terms of its color, logo, and intro paragraphs as well as keeping track of various issuance related statistics. The details of the certificate issued can be browsed on the ‘ICON Tracker,’ which provides all transaction recorded on the ICON network.

ICONLOOP’s blockchain certificate issuance service has been used in the past to appoint members to the ‘Blockchain Governance Team’ and the ‘Policy Communications Team.’ In February, the Seoul Metropolitan Government appointed 100 members of its ‘Blockchain Governance Team’ through text form blockchain certificates. In April, the Seoul Citizens Hall appointed 162 members of its ‘Policy Communications Team,’ using image form blockchain certificates.

ICONLOOP aims to quickly expand use-cases of ‘broof’ through cooperation with its educational sector partners like POSTECH and Studypie. In January, online study platform Studypie issued blockchain certificates to 17 students who completed a course in developing the ICON Smart Contract. During this year, POSTECH plans to issue the first-ever ‘broof’ applied blockchain certificates to those who complete the Blockchain Master’s course and the Blockchain Executive Program.

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