qiibee to provide blockchain-based loyalty program for FederEnergia

qiibee, a blockchain loyalty protocol, has announced its newest partnership with FederEnergia, a non-profit federation in the electric and gas water sector since 1957, connected to Confcommercio which reaches almost 1m Italian merchants. The collaboration will allow qiibee to leverage their extensive network with some of the biggest Italian companies in various industry sectors.

FederEnergia aims to promote the progress of the sector that it represents and carries out all activities and initiatives which are useful for the development of the member companies and employees. At the same time, the federation has the objective of representing its members in relations with all external stakeholders, public and private, national and international by starting collaboration initiatives that allow them to pursue common goals of progress and development.

The Collaboration

Through the collaboration between qiibee and FederEnergia, it will be possible for their merchants to reward their customers with a loyalty token (tokenized loyalty point), the FederEnergiaCoin (FEC) which is stored on the qiibee blockchain. On the other hand, merchants will be rewarded with loyalty tokens if they purchase at one of the other independent companies within the federation which lets them use the coin again for rewarding their own customers. This will widen the qiibee ecosystem enormously and every single company, thousands of employees and millions of customers within the federation will profit greatly.

The benefits brought through the collaboration between qiibee and FederEnergia are highly appreciated by their secretary-general Marco Carbognani who said: “What qiibee has built is the most beneficial way for a nation to create an own ecosystem where citizens and the whole economy can be brought forward. New technologies such as blockchain and the expertise from qiibee, are the right foundation for a great success story. Our goal is to roll out our loyalty program in Q4 2019 and onboard 10’000 merchants within the first three years. We are proud to be at the forefront with this state of the art technology for our citizens and country.”

qiibee will support FederEnergia with the conception and the whole rollout of their new loyalty system by providing them with the whole infrastructure needed to integrate easily on the qiibee blockchain. On the other hand, qiibee will collaborate with its partners to provide FederEnergia a loyalty application that will be used by the end-customers to earn and spend FEC, their merchants to engage their customers and themselves to track the success of their program. This package allows FederEnergia to have a fully-fledged blockchain-based loyalty program to smoothly integrate and collaborate with their merchants.

qiibee CEO, Gabriele Giancola stated: “We are very excited to partner with a federation such as FederEnergia, who sees the potential in utilizing blockchain technology for the benefit of a whole nation. Above all, qiibee has now a further chance to introduce millions of people to the blockchain and crypto landscape, which will help drive towards mass adoption.”