SealBlock Crypto Asset Secure Ecosystem has launched

SealBlock, a programmable, hardware-based hot wallet solution for securing digital keys and transactions, has announced the launch of the SealBlock Crypto Asset Secure Ecosystem (SealBlock CASE) for crypto exchanges, miners, blockchain projects and token funds.

The safety of crypto funds has been notoriously weak and cryptocurrencies worth billion dollars have been stolen. SealBlock believes in the value of asset security and would like to work with valued partners to build a secure ecosystem for customers of SealBlock and its partners. Any interested parties can apply for the program by sending an email to and the team will provide the application form through email. The first ten partners will be rewarded 10 million SKT tokens (valued around $20k).


A partner will be required to deposit 50 ETH or # of tokens equivalent to 50-ETH value to SealBlock.PRO hot wallet and manage the crypto funds on the platform for a three-month period. The partner will receive half of the reward (i.e., 5 million SKT) once the deposit is complete. The partner will receive the other half of the reward three months after the deposit was made.

At this time the partner will be able to transfer the deposit out of SealBlock platform if it wishes to. SealBlock will build a strategic partnership with organizations in the CASE program to help strengthen the protection of crypto assets for all users. Long-term discounts and solution customizations from SealBlock will be available to CASE partners.