OmiseGo launches the second version of OMG Network

OmiseGo, a scaling solution for finance on Ethereum, enabling transparent, peer-to-peer transactions in real-time, has announced the newest release version, called ‘Samrong’ — this is the second iteration of the OMG Network.

The OmiseGo team has made drastic improvements for Samrong in terms of the resilience of its services. The network is becoming more reliable, monitored and less prone to downtime when faced with high network load.

In this iteration, the OmiseGo team has applied the feedback and improvements which were made since the launch of the first version, Ari.


Aside from the uptime improvement, OmiseGo also added more features, including:

  1. New transaction signature using EIP 712 standard, allowing users to sign transactions through wallets like Metamask
  2. Frequently requested meta-data field, allowing businesses and decentralized applications to store any arbitrary data into their transactions

The team also made significant modifications to the Plasma smart contract itself. It will be MoreVP specification compliant. Since this is a written smart contract that cannot be modified, OmiseGo will be implementing Samrong as a separate network from Ari.

Two Networks?

Ari will be up and running for the meantime. However, the network will be brought down in favor of the application development, client library, and block explorer to provide their support on Samrong. The OmiseGo team will be counting down the days to its closure, which will be signaled by the completed transition of partners on the network.

“This leads us to the next exciting phase: testing our very first plasma network upgrade! Users and applications will have to move their Rinkeby ETH and ERC20 from Ari to Samrong. This, of course, includes the users of Plasma Dog. Don’t worry, the OmiseGO team will help make the shift as seamless as possible. We will begin by providing developers of the ODP with private alpha access to Samrong. With private alpha access, developers will have the tools they need to start migrating their funds to simulate the actual process of fund migration between networks.”

TheOmiseGo Team

If interested to get involved, you can sign up to be part of the ODP now.

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