Crypto custodian Vo1t puts hackers to the test with $50K reward

In an effort to stay ahead of new threats on the horizon, digital asset custodian Vo1t will be gathering real-world data on how to improve for the next round of development.

To prove their commitment, $50,000 worth of Vo1t CEO and Founder Miles Parry’s crypto will sit within the bare technology layers and any hacker able to bypass their technology systems will be rewarded with this sum.

To make the stakes even higher, Vo1t removed 95% of their security features, including:

Hackers wishing to participate can access this challenge online at or at Consensus via a QR code.

The IP address for the lightweight will be live until the end of Consensus on Wednesday, May 15th.

Vo1t combines cutting-edge system design with cybersecurity best practices to create the world’s most secure cold storage vault for digital assets. It is a security ecosystem that provides a custody and depository solution with a market-leading infrastructure and system.

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