UCLA accelerated blockchain entertainment financing project Nutopia to launch

Nutopia, a blockchain-powered entertainment financing platform, is set for a May 22, 2019 launch. The company, which helps creators raise capital for their projects, is now open for submissions. Nutopia was conceptualized under the tutelage of the UCLA Venture Accelerator program which offers engaging office space, a vast alumni network, and UCLA consultation.

The way it works is that Nutopia uses “tokenization,” or the breaking down of assets into cryptocurrency shares that can be traded through blockchain. June Chu, project founder, and CEO, says, “We aim to empower content creators by shifting the balance of control from studios and mini-majors back into the hands of the artists.”

To be part of the Nutopia experience, content creators and artists can now visit nutopia.io to apply to have their projects listed on the platform.

Jeffrey Wernick, an early investor of Uber and a pioneer of cryptocurrency financing says, “What we can get from beginning to think about tokenizing [IP] is that we change our relationship with each other. Everybody is a partner, everybody is a peer, and we have a consensus mechanism of how collectively we make decisions.” He then adds, “The tokenization of entertainment property is an inevitability, and Nutopia is ahead of the game.”

UCLA Anderson Venture Accelerator

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