Bitcoin ETP firm XBT Provider appoints Ryan Radloff as Managing Director

The board of XBT Provider, creator of the Bitcoin Tracker One and Bitcoin Tracker Euro on Nasdaq in Stockholm, the world’s first Exchange Traded Products (ETPs) for bitcoin, announced the appointment of Ryan Radloff as Managing Director as the next step in completing its full integration with the CoinShares group.

Mr. Radloff, who is CEO of CoinShares, the parent to XBT Provider, will be leading the final steps of the integration, which will conclude by the end of summer with the official rebrand of XBT Provider to ‘CoinShares ETPs.’ Back on September 25, 2017, ownership of all of the issued shares in the capital of XBT Provider was acquired by CoinShares.

The board also extended its thanks to Mr. Laurent Kssis, outgoing Managing Director, for his hard work and guidance over the last two years.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”Daniel Masters, Chairman of XBT Provider.” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]“Investors asked us to grow our offering beyond our bitcoin roots and since joining the CoinShares family 18 months ago, we have – launching ETPs offering exposure to three new crypto assets across two exchanges. Now we’ve got much more in store, but have one small, yet important item to tend to first: as a result of that success we’ve outgrown our old branding, XBT Provider, itself a reference to the ISO currency code for bitcoin. As such you can expect to see the name slowly drop away in favor of simply ‘CoinShares ETPs’ over the summer.”[/perfectpullquote]