releases a new mobile app for bitcoin margin trading

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency margin trading exchange, today announced the launch of the company’s new mobile app, Liquid Pro, available on Android and iOS.

Liquid Pro features a full set of tools for margin traders, who can open and manage positions all within the app, trading with up to 25x leverage on markets such as BTC/USD and BTC/JPY.

The mobile app is free to download, subject to country or region availability by Google Play Store and App Store. In Japan, users can use a Japan-only mobile app version called Liquid Lite.

With the Liquid Pro mobile app, users can place and execute trades with full charting capabilities optimized for mobile devices. Indicators and tools available include RSI, Bollinger bands, SMA and EMA. Traders can also manage their portfolios more efficiently on their smartphone by tracking their positions on Liquid Pro, enabling faster reactions to market movements while on the go.

Liquid reaffirms its commitment to the security of customer assets with the Liquid Pro app biometric unlock feature, complementing Liquid’s existing security features, including storage of 100% of customer assets in multisig cold wallets.

“Liquid Pro was developed based on customer feedback from a broad cross-section of professional traders, who helped us identify what would be most important for them to have in a crypto trading app. Our market research highlighted a need for pro traders to be able to more effectively, conveniently make trades and manage positions while away from a computer  Crypto traders today want to be able to take full control of their trades no matter where they are. This includes margin trading and being able to properly manage positions on a smartphone. Our product team worked tirelessly to build an app that would help enhance our customers’ trading experience, anytime, anywhere.”

Liquid CEO Mike Kayamori

Last week, announced plans to expand access to its trading services for United States users, subject to regulatory approval.

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