Blockchain data privacy solution ARPA completes joint-IEO

ARPA, a project building cryptography and blockchain-based data privacy solutions, announced the conclusion of its Initial Exchange Offering on, as well as Tokenman, the largest crypto community in South Korea. Following the IEO, ARPA was listed on and trading in its ARPA token commenced.

Overall, 19,840 people participated, 100,000,000 ARPA tokens were sold, and $2.5 million worth of ARPA was purchased. There were a total of 6 rounds with the sales concluding in an average of 3 seconds.

ARPA was the first IEO to be conducted in both Korea and China and the first IEO to be conducted on a token-to-stock exchange with investors including ZhenFund, Matrix Partners, Metropolis VC, Nirvana Capital, etc.

Tokenman is the largest IEO exchange and crypto community in South Korea with 500,000+ users. In the past, it has helped well-known projects like Ankr and Orbs to raise capital.

With the IEO behind them, the ARPA team says they are full “heads down focused on building our technology and forging partnerships to bring our platform into the mainstream. We will also continue to build our international community.”

A Privacy-Preserving Computation Network

ARPA’s cutting-edge research on secure multi-party computation enables private smart contract, unprecedented data-at-use privacy protection, as well as scalable computational sharding. As a layer 2 privacy solution, ARPA will equip current blockchains with a privacy-preserving option for developers to build highly efficient DApps on private smart contracts.

With ARPA, enterprise and individual data can be analyzed or utilized without being exposed. In return, the data provider will be able to receive fair compensation every time their data gets used, without putting their privacy at risk.

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