Blockchain automation platform Fabrx enters 0x acceleration program

Fabrx, a Web3 automation and middleware platform for seamless integration of blockchain, has announced its entrance into the 0x Ecosystem Accelerator Program (EAP), a program designed to encourage development in the 0x ecosystem.

0x is an open-sourced protocol designed to enable the peer-to-peer exchange of assets on the Ethereum blockchain. Fabrx is utilizing the 0x Protocol and its native 0x Relayer to power their platform and provide the capability to create secondary markets for ERC-20 and ERC-721 tokens.

The 0x EAP focuses on three key areas:

The EAP has supported over 24 teams with over $1 million in grants committed since August 2017.

Fabrx connects the many layers of Web3 technology into a single, accessible interface allowing developers to seamlessly integrate Web3 functionality in their own platforms. No need to worry about gas fees, nodes, Web3 providers, or deep blockchain functionality. Simply plug Fabrx into your app and access the decentralized web, no code required.

Fabrx API (Layer 1)

Plug into a single API for access to every Web3 application in a 1:1 manner. No need to worry about API updates, brakes, or deprecation

Fabrx Service Suite (Layer 2)

The service suite offers higher level Web3 functionality for developers to perform specific actions. Currently, they offer the ability to launch, issue, and transfer non-fungible tokens, with less than 5 lines of code. The ability to spin up your own secondary marketplace or exchange, backed by the 0x Protocol, from a single API call will soon be available.

Fabrx Point and Click Automation (Layer 3)

The Fabrx Point and Click Automation interface enable product and business managers to launch Web3 applications without code. Live now is the first version of the 0x Relayer Deployment and Hosting, enabling a unique relayer to be both launched and hosted for the end user without any code.

The process is fully automated, and you can deploy a 0x Relayer through both the Fabrx Builder Platform (with no code) and Fabrx API (with one API call). The team has also created an admin dashboard for you to monitor and update your 0x Relayer. At the time of this writing, there have been 11 Relayer requests.

0x technology is already integrated into the Fabrx infrastructure. It is currently live on the Coinplan platform, a marketplace for cryptocurrency portfolios, permitting the ability to purchase portfolios through a DEX (decentralized exchange). The same functionality is available and will also be integrated into other wallet providers to expand their capabilities and drive up user engagement.

In addition, Fabrx has 3 pilots in the works with Shopify stores to build their loyalty points system with Fabrx. This specific implementation employs both ERC-721’s and the 0x Relayer as loyalty points and the immediate secondary exchange, respectively.

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