Leading South Korean hospital and Longenesis deploy blockchain health data platform

Leading South Korea hospital Gil Medical Center and health data company Longenesis, have announced the signing of an agreement to design and deploy a custom blockchain-based health data management solution.

The new platform, built on Bitfury’s open-source Exonum blockchain framework, will streamline data collection and aggregation, improve medical research processes and enable transparent patient consent management. The platform will also address the specific compliance needs of these patients (including with HIPAA and GDPR regulations), as Gil Medical Center is a leading medical provider for foreigners in South Korea.

The Longenesis health data management solution will enable Gil Medical Center to upload, store and manage the data of individual patients in a secure environment, giving full control of data usage and access back to patients. Gil Medical Center also can better manage consent forms and statuses for individual researchers, which better facilitate the advancement of clinical trials.

“Gil General Hospital has a splendid reputation for being on the edge of adopting latest innovation. We are honored to mark our Korean presence with a partnership like such,” said Garri Zmudze, CEO of Longenesis.

The platform will offer a transparent, protected data environment that records critical actions onto an immutable, decentralized ledger. This will help Gil Medical Center better analyze and assess the treatment quality of their patients in real-time, helping them to evaluate the performance of doctors and safeguard patient care.

The announcement comes as medical data access and security is more carefully regulated worldwide, necessitating technological advances. In 1991, Gil Medical Center was the first hospital in Korea to use a fully integrated computer system for hospital administrative duties. Following this strong tradition, the hospital is now the first in the country to adopt Longenesis’ blockchain-based health data management solution.

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